MAAN Engineering Co.(Pvt.)Ltd. was established in 2007 with the vision to deliver world cl ass products & services to oil & gas sector, power generation facilities & process industries. MAAN execution team has rich experience & proven track record more than 15 years in above sectors not only in Pakistan but across the border to delivering projects with customers satisfaction. We enjoy unmatchable market reputation in our industry as professionals with excellent entrepreneurial skills and with a mission "to deliver". We strive to always deliver value on time and on budget. MAAN has been enjoying the data bank of Power Plant construction manpower resources comprising of skilled craftsmen & technicians, where suitable quantity of first class craftsmen are available, having working experience in Oil & Gas sector and Power Generation projects. This data bank i s continuously maintained/updated by competent HR team.


To maintain our leadership position in the industry by continuously building our customers trust and confidence by establishing a strong, mutually benefiting partnership with efficient and cost effective services which reinforces our existing position. We are committed to being a total quality Company by continuously bench marking our progress internally and externally with our customers.


How we accomplish our mission is as important as the mission itself. Our objective is to time oriented & cost effective, which is deeply concerned with growth & feasibility of projects. Fundamental to the success of the company, our values focus on Service Excellence, Honesty & Integrity, Teamwork, Innovation, Flexibility and above all, invest in our people. We are dedicated to earning a return on assets that will enable growth & enhance shareholder value. Provide services reflecting our commitment, without compromise on quality. Improvement is obtained through our individual & collective preparation, involvement, commitment, creativity & client satisfaction. We also believe in conducting our business with exceptionally high standards of commitments, professionalism and ethical behaviour. We thrive on challenges viewing them as an invitation to result in success.